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23-Jun-2012  In Cooperation with  Samsung Electronics Levant, SP-Apps developed the First Android Tawjihi Application.

App Link on SamsungApps


Samsung Electronics Levant, the leading mobile phone provider, in collaboration with Tawjihi Academy, announced launching its first application for Tawjihi students which is exclusively available in Samsung app store.
The new application is designed for Samsung's clients who use android smartphones and tabs. It also suits the users of Galaxy Y mobiles and Galaxy tab 7.0 which all provide features of smart devices for the young generation with affordable prices.
Commenting on the launch of this application, Mr. Sangsuk Roh, president of Samsung Electronics Levant, said: "This new application is yet another step we took to meet our client’s needs. Now, we are recognizing the widening platform of the younger generation consumer group, and are paying more attention to their demands and expectations, our smart devices and applications meet their needs, making their experience easier and smarter."
Numerous are the features which this application provides to its users, such as download and display book summaries and experimental tests prepared by elite Jordanian teachers for all secondary curricula, in addition to downloading and displaying papers of all Ministry of Education previous exams. Users of this application can also check their preparations for the ministry's official exams via electronic tests.